News from Istanbul

The newspaper “Gece Postasi” dated February 25,1954 reports that the ices broke down three small boats and the number of victims on the Bosphorus is not known yet. The same dated newspaper “AkSam” reports that dead bodies are seen among the ices. It’s also reported that the crew of a ship squeezed among the ices threw themselves down on the ices and they managed to arrive to the shore. On the other hand, some funny details are noticed in some news: “Thousands of people curious to see this extraordinary event rush to the Bosphorus shores to watch this unbelievable landscape and people shivering with cold crowding mainly Sarayburnu watched this ice sea which presents a much more wild beauty here.”

Walking on the Bosphorus

On February 26, the Bosphorus is completely filled up and the passage from the Anatolian side to the European side in Istanbul is possible. The newspaper “AkSam” dated February 26 describes this situation as follows:”We observed that this morning, the Buyukdere Bay, the Sariyer Quay and Bay, the front part of Ortakoy and the shores of Kanlica and Qengelkoy are filled up with ice fields. Since the walk on foot between Poyrazkoy and Rumelikavagi in Beykoz is possible, people go to wander there and many of them try to pass to the other side.

But the Governor and the Mayor find dangerous the passage at this point and police officers on guard are placed on both sides. Thus, the passage on the ices at the Bosphorus will not be permitted.”

On the other hand, the newspaper “Gece Postasi” of the same day reports a news like anecdote which is rarely heard in the world: “The urban people enjoy the ice fields and they wander on the ices. Meanwhile some events happened. Three young people named Halit Ince, Semih Koruman and Ahmet Saim were carried away while moving ahead on the ices and they were rescued off Uskudar before passing the Bosphorus. The walk on ice is banned.” Another news makes one laugh with its style: “Five cats belonging to the Panama cargo ship broken down off Rumeli Lighthouse after hitting the rocks miauwed to ask for help on the ices and they were rescued and carried to the animal hospital.” gegmelerine mani olunmaktadir”

Effective colds

While these events happen at the Bosphorus, the terrible winter continues and the road Istanbul-Adana is closed to the traffic, the Sakarya River overflows and the snow height in Istanbul ups to 2 m. The newspaper “Gece Postasi” dated February 27 reports that ice mountains are seen off Igneada and if the weather doesn’t become mild, they will arrive to the Bosphorus in one day. This terrible cold weather and ice fields never seen before in the history of Istanbul chained up finally with each other at the narrow points at the Bosphorus and the water current on the surface of the Bosphorus stopped. Following this natural event paralysing Istanbul, the military exploded water bombs and thus ths water current started again at the Bosphorus.

On the other hand, the declaration dated February 27 released by the Coastal Security Operation Directorate is really frightening. It states the following: “The Sile Bay is entirely covered by ices. The huge ice mountains off Sile head to the Black Sea Straits.” Another natural event as a result of the freezing cold and the ices shocks people. The news of “Gece Postasi” states the following:”The space of 1000 sqm from the front part of Belvu Hotel in Kadikoy til the artificial harbour lighthouse is frozen and the boats are nailed there. This event happens for the first time in the world since the sea is frozen.” This is really an unbelievable event.



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