The Church of St. Saviour Pantepoptes

The Church of St. Saviour Pantepoptes, the All- Seeing (Eski Imaret Djamissi), the Church of S. Saviour Pantocrator, the All-Highly effective (Zeirek Kiliss£ Djamissi), and the inside of S. Saviour-in- the-Chora (Kahriyeh Djamissi), recall the interval of the Comneni and the Angeli (1081-1204).

Of their erection girls of appreciable significance within the historical past of Constantinople had an element. The primary was constructed by Anna Dalassena, the mom of Alexius I. Comnenus; the final was restored by his mother-in-law, Mary Ducaena, a Bulgarian princess well-known for her magnificence; the second was an erection of the Empress of John I. Comnenus, the daughter of Geysa I., King of Hungary. These church buildings symbolize the age when Constantinople was stirred by the march of the sooner Crusades via the territory of the Empire, when Peter the Hermit and Godfrey de Bouillon encamped their followers within reach of town partitions, to be dazzled by the splendours of the Palace of Blachemae, and cajoled by the diplomacy of Alexius I. Comnenus. Additionally they recall the time when Henrico Dandolo, the Doge of Venice, introduced his fleet and the troops of the Fourth Campaign to the Golden Horn, and based the short-lived Latin Empire of Constantinople. It was on the terraced floor beside the Church of Pantepoptes that the Emperor Alexius Murtzuplus pitched his vermilion tents and drew up his reserve forces. There he stood to see the partitions on the shore beneath attacked by the Venetian ships and carried by Frankish knights. From that place he fled on the strategy of a physique of the enemy’s horsemen, and beneath his un-stricken vermilion tent Rely Baldwin of Flanders and Hainaut, quickly to succeed him as Latin Emperor of Constantinople, spent the night time of that memorable day.

The monastery of the Church of the Pantocrator

The monastery of the Church of the Pantocrator turned the headquarters of the Venetians through the Latin occupation of town. Within the relations of Western and Jap Christians to one another through the interval of the Crusades there’s nothing of which we are able to really feel proud. The previous have been barbarous, the latter have been decadent; neither of them worthy to get better the San Graal looking for which a lot heroism and devotion have been displayed for 2 centuries. However it’s nicely to do not forget that the encounter of the East and the West throughout these expeditions contributed not slightly to the “infiltration,” because it has fortunately been phrased, “of concepts, information, and artwork from the Grecised Empire into Western Europe.” It introduced the affect of an older and riper civilisation to bear upon the youthful life that had come into the world, and aided that life to evolve a brand new and higher order of issues.


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